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It is highly suggested that you RSVP to the event leader.   The purpose of this club is for networking and social.  Leaders are volunteer and not trained or responsible for your safety. 
Trips can be canceled/changed so RSVP is advised.  You must always wear a PFD at all times and carry a whistle.   

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DATE:    Sunday, July 08, 2018
PADDLE:  Portland Bridge Swim 
Volunteers Needed!
LEADERMerri E. Compton 503-705-2117 or Steven Benson 

We are hoping you can help out again this year by being an escort for an amazing swimmer, doing relief or being on standby just in case.  

The Portland Bridge Swim is looking for escort kayakers for the 2018 Portland Bridge Swim, to be held on July 8th, 2018 at 7:00 am and starting at Oaks Bottom Park. This year we are proud to be hosting the US Masters Swimming National Championship, Ultramarathon Distance. We anticipate 100 swimmers will be in the water and each one needs a personal escort kayaker to assist with feedings, directions, and other general support. In rare cases a swimmer may become distressed and need assistance beyond this level.

A typical swimmer or relay will take fewer than 6 hours to complete the swim. As an escort kayak you will see all 12 of our spectacular Portland bridges and help a person accomplish a very challenging task in their life. For many this will be the longest swim they have ever attempted while for others it will be a training swim before they move onto events like the English Channel.

Please reach out to Merri Compton, (503-705-2117) or Steve Benson, (503-309-0078) if you are interested in helping us. Thank you very much. We are also looking for non-aquatic volunteers as well for set up, tear down, check in, and more.

DATE:    July 24-30, 2018
PADDLE:  Annual Timothy Lake Kayak/Campout  
LEVEL:   All
TIME:    Multi-day with camping option
LEADER:  Sandy/Lin/Kyle 503/989.6333  <RSVP, Click Here>

The trip features a night paddle on Saturday night and explorations along 12 miles of shoreline.   The lake is 2.5 miles wide and about 9 miles around.  In the northeast corner an arm extends a couple miles up towards Little Crater Lake and access to the PCT.   With lots of marsh, this area is a favorite of Osprey and Mergansers.  A beaver house sits in the shallow, clear stream near the bridge marking the end of the navigable waterway, and the marshlands around Little Crater Lake.    You can also mountain bike, fish, swim, sail, bird, trap crawdads*, or hike, including a section of the Pacific Crest Trail.  Birds typically seen include Bald Eagles, Osprey, Nighthawks, Juncos, Crossbills, and Mergansers. Fish include Rainbow trout, brook trout, kokanee, and cutthroat trout.  Or if you like horses  (or Alpaca/Llama), stand on the trail a while and some will come past.

Camp Details:
We will stay at a campground, which is the southeastern most of the organized campgrounds on the lake. It has designated campsites with picnic tables, fire pits, (cold) running water and pit toilets.  Campground rules allow no more than 6 adults per campsite.  If you don’t want to stay in an organized campground, Meditation point on the opposite side of the lake has 8 first come first serve campsites available to boaters or those who hike in.  There are also dispersed sites around the lake, managed by PGE.  Please note that If you want to book  your own site they fill up early in the year.

Located less than 2 hours and 80 miles from Portland, Timothy Lake is sourced from numerous springs, nearby Little Crater Lake and Clackamas Lake.  It feeds the Clackamas River.  Elevation is about 3300 feet. 

This is a fee campsite and RSVP is needed and site is limited so RSVP and payment needed to reserve space.   The cost for the event will be posted in the near future. 

There is no rental at the launch location.  Must transport kayak.  
Alder Creek <click here> - Portland, OR 503-285-0464 ask for OutKayaking discount.
Next Adventure <click here> - Portland, OR 503-233-0706 ask for OutKayaking discount. 

DATE:    Saturday, August 04, 2018
PADDLE:  Willamette Falls (part 1 of 2)
: 11:00am at eNRG Kayak Dock
:   All
:    Noon to 3pm. 
:  Kyle 503/989.6333  <RSVP, Click Here>
Paddle to the base of the Willamette Falls and Locks.

Launch Location
eNRG Kayak Dock  <click here> for step by step directions.  1701 Clackamette Dr., Oregon City.

Spray skirts recommended.  Great paddle for all skills level, there is an opportunity for advance paddlers to test their skills

eNRG Kayak Dock  <click here> 503-772-1122:  1701 Clackamette Dr., Oregon City.

DATE:    Sunday, Aug 05, 2018
PADDLE:  The Narrows (part 2 of 2)
: Willamette Park West Linn (1100 12th Street West Linn, OR 97068)
LEVEL:   All
TIME:    Noon-3:00pm
LEADER:  Lin/Kyle 503/989.6333  <RSVP, Click Here>
The Narrows is a section of the Willamette River a few miles above West Linn. It has dozens of rocks, islands and channels to explore on each side of the river.  It is above Willamette Falls.

Launch Location:
Within the Park is Bernert Landing and Boat Ramp. Located at the intersection 12th & Volpp Street where the Tualatin River meets the Willamette River.

There is no rental at the launch location.  Must transport kayak.  
Alder Creek <click here> - Portland, OR 503-285-0464 ask for OutKayaking discount.
Next Adventure <click here> - Portland, OR 503-233-0706 ask for OutKayaking discount. 

DATE:        Friday, Aug 17-20, 2018
PADDLE:   Broken Group Islands Canada
: See Website for Details: 
LEVEL:      All
TIME:         See Website for Details:  
LEADER:   Silke Hockemeyer 

Hi there, I am a small kayak operator based out of Vancouver. I am running LGBTQ specific multi day trips in July and August with lots of availability still on the August trip (ug 17-20). I want to invite anyone interested from the Portland community to join! The price is $1260 Canadian. This includes all the meals, guide/guides, camping and kayaking equipment as well as access and camping permits into this Pacific Rim National Park - Marine Wonderland. I want to gather out crew in an inclusive and safe environment.

RSVP and Direct link to the trip information. 

DATE:               Friday, September 07 to Monday September 10, 2018(weekend after Labor Day)
PADDLE:           Waldo Lake-Kayaking and Primitive Camping 
MEETING:         RSVP for times, details and map 
LEVEL:             All
TIME:               Multiple Days Overnight PRIMITIVE Camping. You must load and kayak to campsite. 
LEADER:           Kyle 503/989.6333 
Note:   <RSVP, Click Here> RSVP is due no later than Sunday August 26
Waldo Lake, in the Oregon Cascades south of the Three Sisters, is the second largest natural lake in Oregon and like our largest lake, Crater Lake, its waters come from below it and the result is an intense blue color and you can see clearly hundreds of feet below you. With a shoreline of 23 miles there are plenty of places to paddle. No motorboats are allowed making it a paddling paradise

Launch Location:
Waldo Lake is a 3-hour drive from Portland. Parking is at the Shadow Lake Campground. From Oakridge, proceed east on Hwy 58 for 25 miles to the Waldo Lake Road (FS Road 5897). Continue on Waldo Lake Road for 6 1/2 miles to the Shadow Bay turnoff. Follow signs to Shadow Bay Campground.

You must pack and kayak to the campsite. It is not reachable by car or hike. YOU MUST RSVP for the specific location. One of two locations will be chosen based on RSVPs.  No beginners or recreational kayaks should cross the lake unattended.  Leaders will arrange meeting times at the boat launch for those unfamiliar with the location. It is a 40-minute paddle to the campsite. We will be camping at primitive campsites that are only accessible by kayak, so you must pack your gear in the kayak. This is a remote location. RSVP is mandatory.  RSVP is due no later than Sunday August 26

There is no rental at the launch location.  Must transport kayak.  
Alder Creek <click here> - Portland, OR 503-285-0464 ask for OutKayaking discount.
Next Adventure <click here> - Portland, OR 503-233-0706 ask for OutKayaking discount.     

DATE:    Friday, October 5-Sunday October 7, 2018
PADDLE:  Mt. St Helens, Cold Water Lake (Inside Mt St Helens!)
MEETING: See below, (Camping and Day Trip Options)
:   All--Touring boats or recreational boats over 10 feet in length recommended for this paddle. Afternoon westerly winds can make for a challenging paddle, difficult for shorter or inflatable craft. Know your skill and stamina if you have a small or inflatable
:    See Below 
:  Kyle 503/989.6333  <RSVP, Click Here>RSVP to the trip leaders prior to NOON on Wednesday 9/26/18

INCREDIBLE KAYAKING LOCATION:  INSIDE MT ST HELENS. This paddle is inside the blast devastation from the eruption.  Coldwater Lake was formed after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in May 1980. This steep canyon was blocked by mud flowing down the Toutle River. Only human and electric powerboats are allowed on the lake and the scenery is truly breathtaking.  It sits below the Coldwater Ridge visitor center, 47 miles east of Castle Rock.

Combination Camping Trip  and or Day Kayaking Trip. 
Portland to Seaquest Campsite: 1 1/2 hours.  
Portland to Coldwater Lake Paddle: 2 1/2 hours.—45-60 minutes East of Castle Rock.
Please RSVP to the trip leaders prior to NOON on Wednesday 9/26/18 if you are camping.
Camping on Saturday night at Seaquest State Park 
<<Click Here>> This is an overnight camping opportunity for those that don't want to make the round trip drive to St. Helens in one day for the paddle. 
Directions: Take the Castle Rock exit #49 from I-5 North. Go east on SR504 approximately 6 miles. The campground is on the left just past the Mt. St. Helens visitor center.
The Park: Campsites this time of year is taken on a first come first server basis.  Cost of the shared campsite will be based on RSVP and be provided on Wednesday 9/26 after the noon RSVP deadline. Estimate $30 for the weekend per person (each site takes 8 people @ $70 for the weekend plus $10/night for each car). This could be cheaper, I am asking for a discount from the park and a sponsor.
11:00 am SHARP (depart Portland by 8:30 am) at Launch site.  Or meet us at our campsite 9:30am SHARP (depart Portland by 8:00am)
It is in the lake just under the Johnston Ridge Observatory.  You must have a Mt St Helens pass

The Boat Launch is just before the Johnston Ridge Observatory on SR504.  Coldwater Lake Recreation Area is located 45 miles (1hour) east of Castle Rock in the heart of the blast zone. Link:
There is no rental at the launch location.  Must transport kayak.  
Alder Creek <click here> - Portland, OR 503-285-0464 ask for OutKayaking discount.
Next Adventure <click here> - Portland, OR 503-233-0706 ask for OutKayaking discount. 

DATE:    Sunday, November 04, 2018
PADDLE:  Ross Island
MEETING: Portland Kayak
LEVEL:   All
TIME:    12:00pm-3:00pm 
LEADER:  Kyle 503/989.6333  <RSVP, Click Here>
 Paddling around Ross Island.

DATE:    Saturday, December 15, 2018
PADDLE:  Holiday Ship Parade via Kayak (Plus: Social after Paddle at Crush)

MEETING: Portland Kayak
LEVEL:   All
TIME:    3:00pm-5:30pm (Renters please arrive by 2:30pm) 
LEADER:  Kyle 503/989.6333  <RSVP, Click Here>
 We will be paddling the Willamette River and watching the start of the 62 Annual Lighted Christmas Ship Parade 
<CLICK here details> from our kayaks.  Both the Willamette and Columbia Fleets will be assembled for this this event.   This is a NIGHT paddle.   

Launch Location:The kayak launch is at Portland Kayak
Notes:Paddlers are encouraged to light up the kayaks with holiday festivities.   Paddlers MUST have two lights on the kayaks, one in the front and one in the back.  (headlights, flashlights, bike lights, light sticks).  Spay skirts are needed as the big boats put out waves.   If you don’t have lights, you don’t get in the water as we will paddle back in the dark and there will be motorboats. 

DATE:    Saturday, December 15, 2018 following Holiday Paddle.
PADDLE:  After Paddle Social at Crush
: Crush,  1400 Southeast Morrison St, Portland, OR
LEVEL:   Everyone and Friends
TIME:    7:00pm (or after the paddle) to 9:00pm
LEADER:  Kyle 503/989.6333  <RSVP, Click Here>
Great time for paddlers and non-paddler to meet for a social.  In support of Outkayaking and the LGBT community CRUSH is extending the happy hour menu to the OutKayaking club.

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